Dreams Are A Special Gift


Hello Everyone,

If you are dreaming, know that it is a special gift that is all yours. No one can control the dream, not even you.
If you are dreaming,  I don’t believe it is true sleep, as you are active in the story of the dream.
How often do you dream? And do you try to interpret just what your dream means.
Perhaps it don’t mean anything and is a treat for you to embellish for the rest of the day to ponder on.
The dream I had last night was that of visiting a family in the country where they were celebrating the holiday. There were at least 17 Christmas trees in the house all decorated in a very large living room. I just admired how beautiful they were and how inviting her home was. I met another family just before meeting this family and somehow introduce them to this family. They were happy to have met each other and shared a lot of interest. They were neighbors who only lived not far, but in the city. Meanwhile, in between this, I was in a hospital waiting room and I meet a little person- a bald headed man who was sitting next to me reading a newspaper, that I struck a conversation with. I mentioned what a wonderful time I had at this couple’s home for the holiday. He immediately started crying. I asked why he was crying. He said he knew the family name and they were people  he’s been looking for, for a long time. He started to rejoice and gave me the biggest smile ever! That was the end of the dream. It ended happily at least. There could be lots of question about that dream, but I won’t try to analyze it now. But what stands out is “time-chain”, “city”, “country”, “joy”, “celebration”,
“reunion”, “Union”  “connecting” . (What do you think?) If I get good at this interpretation, I’m taking this show on the road!  (smile)
As a nurse,  interpreting body language is so important (another subject to talk about for sure), but interpreting dreams is another  category all together- more spiritual, I believe.  interpretations are neither right or wrong. It is just what it is, an interpretation of what your opinion or idea is.  A cliffhanger for sure.
Remember, a dream can be your special gift! Embrace it and why not
interpret it from your view point; and why not ask others. What do you think about this dream I had last night. Darn it! It’s a Bugger! (now you have just put yourself in therapy to someone who might help you solve this wonder.) A great opener to start a conversation by the way. Hum. . . . .
by Thelma Harcum

Here is a link to specific interpretation of your dreams. Find the one that involves you!



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