How To Combat The War On Racism

BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE! Combat Racism for all Humankind!

America the Great Country We thought has come to reckoning that our vision of a true wonderful country has been put on the front page of being untrue, as the election of Donald Trump to presidency has occurred and have set a poisonous atmosphere for unity.  We are truly in the 911 of September 2001 and a 911 of an emergency  we use in our ordinary life-saving call of urgency.

What I’m seeing is a situation where a person do not qualify to be our president considering the evidence that is presented. If a person who is running for president say he can go out and kill someone and get away with it, then do this qualify him as our president? Well, not my President!

I don’t see how the country can go forward when there are so many adverse actions against the American people and their rights in this present environment of government rulings.

To sum it up, we are not going nowhere because, confusion, disruption, and incompetency is part of the force of really bringing America to a standstill.
“Divide and Conguer” look like the high tide of saying that still plays out today to a never-ending cycle.
The other: Give them a bone to chew on and then we’ll do that. (It makes me sick to even write those words, because I know that is what’s really happening.)

The American People are looking for leadership, truth, direction and much more.
However, when the American people are not a part of the plan, where and who in this world do they look to.

Racism in this day and time have no place in a humane society.
None of us are responsible for who we are as of being born in it. So, do it make sense that you are guilty at birth for having being born whoever you are? No and No, again.

So to deny the rights of one group of people also is a deny to you, your rights.
These are thoughts to ponder.

What we need is a campaign to end racism as it is presented to us even today and to move the country forward
for a better future for not only us, but for our children and grandchildren and for the future of mankind.

What can you do to end racism?
To live in the truth is one. We all have likes and dislikes. Lets not let color of one’s skin or ethnicity be on the list of dislikes; if you judge, judge by one’s character.

Raise your voice, Raise your voice-while you can.
Protect your rights, know your constitution, and counteract all of this negativity with action.

by Thelma Harcum

Peace, Love and Blessings to ALL


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