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How Your Child Can Save Money On Food While In College

Food for Thought, A thought to Survive the College Life

Hello Friends,

I hope you are having a wonderful month as the climate change is real for many of us in USA as well. Between the extreme heat and the flaring storms we are in the mix for an eventful year when there is a balance of rain and sun, food become plentiful and the earth renews itself and smiles.

There is only one planet like us, Earth. Earth is truly a beautiful wonder of the universe and so are we! Earth is a gift from God, who thought of everything we needed and gave us the knowledge to make more. Even the animals share in the preservation of the earth and of our survival by spreading of the seeds around the world of seeds that pass from their bodies. The wind blow seeds to places known and unknown to us. Man harvest the seeds of life whereby food is enjoyed by all.

Food is one of the resources that the almighty gave us, so we can live on earth and share our resources with the animals and other human beings.
Having access to food is a major concern for many students as many have limited budget and money in general to buy food.
I just read an article about the dorm list for college students which make me think about this subject-how college student survive in college.
I have a few ideas that could be useful and doable.
1. Share a discount wholesale membership like Sam Club or BJ wholesale. You can buy in bulk and save a lot of money. Make a list of what your roommate like and see if you have similar tastes in food.
2. Have group meals with friends who can bring a dish to dinner once a week.

3. Invest in a crock Pot and make a great dish that could give you left overs.
4. Invest in freezer containers for your left overs.
5. Find out where there is free food. Go to festivals and some churches who might offer their member early rise breakfast.
6. Offer to do community work for your meals and offer to teach what you are expert in
to churches, schools, shelters etc.
7. Get a part-tine job at a food establishment and accept the free meals for workers benefit.
8. If you live close to home, have your parents cook extra food for you to take back to your dorm or apartment and share with your roommate.
9. Consider being a vegetarian for a day and eat nuts, vegetable and fruits for a day.
Here, you will get all of the nutrients your body require unless you have other special issues.
10. Clip coupons and get special discounts when you can.
11. If nothing else works, peanut butter(if you don’t have a peanut allergy) and jelly sandwiches can be a great backup. You can top a peanut butter sandwich with lettuce, bananas, and all kinds of other toppings. Instead of using jelly, use honey, syrup, and other topping you
might like that is healthy for you.
Healthy foods are very essential for anyone, let alone a college student who is on the go all the time and have limited time and money to cook the foods that are healthy for them.
I hope these tips are part of your dorm list for surviving college and good luck to all of the students who are trying to enhance their lives by reaching the goals they have set for themselves.

*** Many student qualify for Food Stamps while in College. Don’t be afraid or a shame to find out more about how to do that. You just want to survive and to get to where you want to go. So, do what you need to do to be the greatest person on earth!

Make Healthy Food Choices- a Path to Healthy Living and Happiness!

by Thelma Harcum





Contact Your Senators To Protest the Healthcare Cuts in America

Medicaid Cuts to Millions!
Let your voice be heard against unjust changes in your healthcare and healthcare insurance.

Hello all!

We all know that health care is important to all of us.

You can do something about it by contacting your Senators and letting them know that you are in rage about how the cuts affect you and your family-and other people you know or work with.  The  Disability  Righst Legal  Center offer you the contact information to Senators in your state.

This is the link:

Help Protect Medicaid and Millions of those with Disabilities

Thelma Harcum, Advocate for Healthcare for all and Universal Health Care