How Women and Anyone Can Learn The Game Of Football

Hello Friends,
This article is for those who just feel left out of the Super Bowl game and fun because they
just don’t know the game.

I felt the same way some years ago, but after watching more and more and having my grandsons
play sports, I started to learn. I still don’t know everything, but is learning each time I watch the game and ask questions.
There are several websites that will teach you. Just google in, the game of football and you will find a bundle of information about this sport. Wikipedia might have information as well.

So, don’t get left out. Show the love by showing that you are willing to learn, but I wouldn’t suggest you ask too many questions the day of the Super Bowl, because the focus will be totally on the game and then you become a major distraction- pure resentment could have a lasting effect with such high emotions for the win-unless their team win.
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Enjoy the game never-the-less and bring your A game to the Super Game Event! Just being their and watching the game, even though you know nothing, can be a wonderful support. Great Acting at this time can get you an award in the end.
Here is a link to learn more about FOOTBALL!

by Thelma Harcum
Best Buy Co, Inc.

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