Summer Book and Art Supply Bags For Children/Donations

Summer Books and Art Supply Bags For Children/Donations Hello Readers, Friends, and Associates, I am reaching for 40 to 100 art and books supplies in a bag to give to children for summertime fun. Give what you can. Art and Book gift cards can also be sent. All who donate will be acknowledge here on this site. You can send children's books as well. These bags will be distributed to a homeless shelter, hospitals, and children's health centers, at swimming pools, at summer schools, and to people I know who would like to have such supplies. Even in Parks where children and parents are. I use to set up in a park ever September 11 in memory of those who lost their lives on that dreadful day. The parents do art with their children when I do the set-up. Feel free to join my grass roots program. You can do the same in your community. A smile on a child's face is a beautiful thing! Now, I include art in my nursing practice whenever I get the chance. I fine that art, music and dancing all distracts from the illness and help the child or adult heal even faster or to progress in some other way. When other people gave to my family when we were down, this is one of the ways I can now give back. You can never imagine what joy it was to have someone to give of their time and talents to spend with us in their grassroots way. You can't imagine how it affected me for the rest of my life. Send Donations to Thelma Harcum,17 Pickwick Lane, Willingboro, NJ 08046 Attention: Summer Book and Art Bags For Children You can pay by paypal Id: or/and Thank you for visiting this site and you are welcome to contact me at anytime at: I'm looking for volunteers as well. Thank you again!
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