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Booker goes in on Roy Moore with epic Tweet

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., eviscerated Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore on Saturday, taking a jab at the Republican who is facing allegations that he pursued and sexually assaulted teenagers. Booker said he wondered whether Senate pages would be safe from Moore should the GOP candidate — backed by President Trump and the Republican National Committee… Continue reading Booker goes in on Roy Moore with epic Tweet

Seattle federal judge orders nationwide halt to immigration ban

SEATTLE—In one of the strongest blows yet to President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration ban, a federal judge in Seattle on Friday ordered an immediate nationwide halt to enforcement of the order that has caused havoc at airports and sown confusion among thousands of visa holders and refugees. The temporary restraining order from U.S. District Judge James… Continue reading Seattle federal judge orders nationwide halt to immigration ban


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Surely you know of  the 2016 presidential  election  outcome.  The campaign TDonald Trump  lead was one of the ugliest and mean-spirited that Americans have ever witnessed.

Most of the people I have spoken to on the campaign trail really didn’t get it. Voting is very important!  However, it look like electoral college really made the choice of who was going to be president.  If the electoral college stay in place,  then really, what other choices do we have in America to make sure our voices count.  We don’t need the majority vote.

Here is a link from the Mother Jones website on their collection of conflicts of interest of  President Elect, Donald Trump.
Mother Jones/ Politics

Let your voices be heard, protect  your rights and the rights of the American people.  Democracy must be protected for all American and all people should be treated with respect and dignity.

Thelma Harcum

Tampered 2016 Election, Out With The Electoral College Vote!NOW!

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We all know that this Presidential campaign was a nasty one! Mostly from Donald Trump.
Being there was so much interference that affected the election-from the FBI to the Hilary Clinton emails, not including name-calling to another Presidential Candidate, and manipulations and traps, we should go for the Majority vote from which Hilary Clinton won! That means to disqualify the Electoral College vote and Immediately! Many other people I know also agree with how I feel.
With all the problems we have as a country, we don’t need to be destabilized to the point of no return. Our country is too fragile after coming into  an almost depression when President Obama took office.
America stands for a better presentation than what we got this year. It should not be a set condition from which we as Americans should endure ever again.
Wanting the best for America and for all people in the world, has nothing to do with Political Parties, Religion, Race, and social-economic condition.
I am a concern and wish for the best for America. We must all work together to keep our country together and to demand the respect of our politicians.
If you care to comment, please do so. You don’t need to be a sitting duck in the mist of
a firing squad.
If Donald Trump can’t keep his house in order, how will he keep our house in order. (The White House)  It’s the people majority vote that should count at this point!
Now, Who have the power to do that? Now!
by Thelma Harcum

Is America Greatly Divided?

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What is Being An American In America All About?
How divided are we as a Country and on what issues?

In view of the recent election it dawned on me, that perhaps this is not the country I thought I knew and is wondering where it is going as we press forward.
Surely, America has evolved many times over and today, there seems to be a major divide.
The negative campaigning that occurred surely kept everyone glued to their TV and in wonder of what is going to happen next. The tearing down of ones character is not American for the majority of Americans. Knowing what is true about a candidate to qualify him or her can be important and investigated if crimes have been committed.
I just think that America is better than this and that we’ve come so far in our relationships with other people who are different from us to make such a drastic change now.
The diversity of many other countries has really made America what it is today. And that is a beautiful thing.
As an American, I don’t want hate to be a part of who I am.
We are all human beings and with many faults, but it seem that we as a country, should try to improve on what we have already achieved.
This is the America we live in and I want to see American taken care of and to continue to support those who are without voice.
We still have a voice to express our needs and/or concerns to improve the lives of all American.
Let your voice be heard and someone will listen.
If everyone is successful, than we can all benefit and live a great life. There are many issues that should be a concern for Americans. Some of them are health, education, jobs,
poverty, global warming-environment, and securing the Constitution as we know it; protecting the rights of all Americans.

What are your views on these topics:

1. Is America A Divided Country?
2. What Is Being An American To You?
3. What Do You Want America To Be?
Thank you all for visiting this site  as this is my first article on this site.
I could have written about almost any topic that would have been a little more enlighten, but I believe this topic is hot on everyone’s mind as we move forward into uncertainty and speculation.
I remain hopeful that God will lighten the heart of  the elected candidates  to do the right thing.
I hold no animosity against anyone I feel is doing what is right for our country, but in view of this election, I am concern.  The media have influenced a lot of what we saw and so much came out of the woodwork, that i hope that people just don’t chew on every bone thrown at them to pep things up on a continual basis.
As changes in the administration are  occurring, I find it  important that you maintain a balanced schedule on what you are already doing and to be  vigilant and out-spoken about what changes that is not good for you and your families- sooner than later.
Don’t forget that they work for us and that you are still an American with a Constitution  to protect your rights.  


by Thelma Harcum

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