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The Eagles Win Build Momentum For Future Wins

Hello all!!

A big Congratulations to the Eagle Win!  Score: 41 to 33
The game was exciting to watch all the way through. The team was on fire! However, Patriots, don’t feel bad because it could have been anybody’s win.
I’m just happy to see the Eagles get their first Super Bowl Championship WIN.
We all should learn something from the strength of the Eagles run all through the season, it is that with diversity-injured team players and a new coach and new Eagle players-there had to be changes made.
Somehow, the ingredients were put together for a win! The mixture is the secret recipe that the world tastes and like and it left a lasting favor in your mouth.
Surely it was every team player on the team that made the win possible! Everyone had to step in and step up to play their “A” game.
Even if the Eagles had lost, we could say they gave their all in all right to the end when it could have been a Patriots win.

The Patriots miracle win has always been at the end of the game. Those last 1 or 2 minutes, but this time around it was for the Eagles to make that touch down.
Thank goodness to great coaching from Doug Peterson that he was able to see what this team could do and to make moves that was unbelievable to anybody watching and rooting for this team.

Even Carson Wentz, who was injured during the season was able to give quarter back tips to the  step-in quarterback Nick Foles who did an awesome job along with many of the other  super amazing team players.


(I want to do a name  call of all of the Eagles Super Bowl Winner players  another article.  They deserve it!)
Thank Goodness for the team’s fans who hung in with the Eagles for all these years. I didn’t know that the Eagles team have never won a Super Bowl, because they have always gotten there to the Super Bowl
The Eagles team never gave up even all of these years and now there is the spirit and joy to bring inspiration to all other teams who have never won!  Clement plays were moving everywhere. I’m still learning all of the team players  names.    That player from the Island of Tonga, I can’t even pronounce his name.   It was so nice to see the Eagles Owners ,  Jeffrey Laurie, proud smile and I sure would like to see his dance again.
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So happy I am for this win and now Eagles, You enjoy this win and take a rest so that you can Go and Go AGAIN!
l LOVE YOU Eagles!!!  That Lombardi Trophy looks Superb!
by Thelma Harcum

Shout outs to NBC 10 News who have made viewing the Super Bowl Possible.  They did a A+ job.   You felt as if you were there with them in Minnesota.

LOL  Thelma Harcum

Check out this link to see the Eagles and Patriot Starters and rooster of team players.

How Women and Anyone Can Learn The Game Of Football

Hello Friends,
This article is for those who just feel left out of the Super Bowl game and fun because they
just don’t know the game.

I felt the same way some years ago, but after watching more and more and having my grandsons
play sports, I started to learn. I still don’t know everything, but is learning each time I watch the game and ask questions.
There are several websites that will teach you. Just google in, the game of football and you will find a bundle of information about this sport. Wikipedia might have information as well.

So, don’t get left out. Show the love by showing that you are willing to learn, but I wouldn’t suggest you ask too many questions the day of the Super Bowl, because the focus will be totally on the game and then you become a major distraction- pure resentment could have a lasting effect with such high emotions for the win-unless their team win.
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Enjoy the game never-the-less and bring your A game to the Super Game Event! Just being their and watching the game, even though you know nothing, can be a wonderful support. Great Acting at this time can get you an award in the end.
Here is a link to learn more about FOOTBALL!

by Thelma Harcum
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