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Petition for Universal Health Insurance in USA

Health care is important to everyone. Affordable health insurance is not really on the platform for many people still.
High deductible, high premiums, and just no funds for even the basis is not affordable health insurance. There are many great nations who do offer universal health insurance. Countries like England, France, Canada and a host of other countries.
Why, in this world do a country like the USA DON’T offer Universal Health Care Insurance for all people.
I need your email address and name to send to Senators and Representatives to push forward this people’s agenda.
Let’s do this now!

My newest project! Urgency of the NOW!

*somewhere on this site should be a place for sign up for this petition. You can sign in with your name and/or email address here under comments or on contact forms on this site.

Thank you for your support!

Thelma Harcum
(Being a nurse, this is a more important cause I can understand and feel passionate about.)

**You can support these efforts with your donations of whatever amount you want. $1.00 and up to:

Funds will be used for time Spent getting signatures on the street and online, recruiting volunteers, stamps and whatever else it takes to move this agenda forward.

any questions, contact me at


Obama Care Stays! What About Universal Health Care in the USA

I am so pleased to see Obama Care/Affordable Care Program maintained. So many people would have lost their
health care and that is not a good thing.

However, I don’t see why a country like USA don’t have universal Health Care like France, Canada, and England.
It is time for the USA to have a Universal Health Programs while giving others options as well as if they want
a specific Health Care program or Supplemental Health Care Program.

Hopefully the Affordable Care Health Program that is the same as Obama Care, will be adjusted to be more affordable to all people. High deductibles and high premiums equates to almost equal to  no insurance because who can afford it!
Also, why in the heck should the IRS and No insurance fees be a part of this whole scene. Also, the people who have businesses can’t afford to keep their workers because of the high rate of the premiums.

These reason is why people are strapped to have insurance and why the economy is not improving at a greater rate. It is for all of these reasons of why America will never be great again, because of the greed, and non-representation of what the people of America Need and want.

No one is asking what do you as a citizen want from your Government and so you have got to keep up with what in the world is going on.  Visit your governmental web site and write a letter to somebody about the issues that are important to you and your family.

Money for war is always available. Not money for schools, health, and homes and quality food.
The waste, the waste, the waste is truly mind-blowing to me!

This situation is Urgent!

by Thelma Harcum

Please leave your comments and do something about this situation by contacting your Congressman, Senators and anyone who represent you!

If nothing else, get out in the streets and let your opinions be known to others. Flyers, Petitions, Letters really work. Talk to people. There’s no time to waste! There is no time to waste. Again!
Research how the other countries have universal insurance (high on my agenda) and how we can too! This is your country and you have a voice!

Again, please do something! This is urgent!

No one, No one should be without health insurance and health care.

Thelma Harcum,   Nurse and People’s advocate

I thank God to Cooper University Hospital, in Camden, New Jersey for saving my life when I had no Health Insurance,(because I could not afford it).  I would say, I was their million dollar Patient for all they had to do for me for the rare cell problem I had and is on a watch. Medicare is there now for me now thank God, but I was too young to get it when I became ill.  So, you can see, why I’m passionate about this subject.

Thank you for your support and share what you know, share what you have when you see the need.

Thelma Harcum