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Hello Friends and Associates,

If you are looking to change your life, why not start with a
life coach to help you explore those possibilities.

A life coach is a support person that focus on a particular problem and discover ways to help the client find solutions.  It could be you just need someone to vent to.

I really have been a life coach all of my life as a nurse, and now that I have been certifies as a one, I’m looking working towards helping others to find answers to their problem.
I believe that in order to be a good coach,  you have lived a lot and have solved many of your own problems-or have had help in doing so. Surely to goodness, I can say
I have live a full and complex life,  full of many diversities and many accomplishments.
If you are looking for such a support person, do write me
or send me an e-mail to discuss just what you want to change or accomplish in your life.
I’m looking forward to working with you.
Let’s do it. Setting Goals and achieving just what you want in your life.
At present, I offer in your home and email and phone coaching-5 sessions for $250.00 I can travel up to 50 miles approximately.  You can spread your sessions out over 3 months.
My expertise is in Health and Wellness, Arts, Basic Computers, Trouble-Shooting, Research. I am currently working part-time in the respiratory department–trach-vent.
Your information will be kept confidential and your contact information will not be shared with a 2nd or 3rd party.
This is the link to getting started. Please email me first to see how you would like to start.

Thelma Harcum

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