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Super Bowl 52 is Here! How To Make Memories of This Spectacular Event

Hello readers, friends and associates,

Are you as excited as I am about this Super Bowl? What are you doing to make and keep your memories of this event?
I hear that it is expensive to purchase memorabilia in Minnesota but you can still purchase items online at a reasonable price. I ordered a beautiful Silver plated NFC Eagles Champion coin and Super Bowl Pin and it was delivered nicely and packaged well.

It is great to learn about the state of Minnesota where the Super Bowl will be held and all of the activities and nice restaurants as well as the lives of the people there.
I know it will be a great game and hopefully the Eagles have their win!
You have 2 great teams and so it could be anybody’s game.
My wish is that each team fans respect the other and to realize its just a game. There will be a “morning after”. Hostility and Rudeness of any guest playing anywhere has no place in sports. It is not sportsmanship-like. The Eagles have a lesson to learn from that. When their team visit other venues of the game, surely they don’t want their family of fans be treated like the are aliens from another world!
It is all about the skills of the game, an outing to enjoy, and hopefully a trophy.
So make your Super Bowl a memory to remember and to make it the opportunity to do good for someone, thereby, setting the event for a cause to help your city and fellow man. Right now the dogs are in as with the slogan, “Underdog”. The SPCA and homeless dogs and other animals are getting some focus and that is a good thing- though I don’t think the Eagles are the Underdog-they are a great team to even to have gotten to the Super Bowl at this point and other years.  They worked darn hard to be the NFL Champs!

ZIPNON / Pixabay

And if you don’t think the Eagles are not a great team, then why are they at the Super Bowl? As far as I’m concern, they have already won the Super Bowl. Is this the Eagles year to win? I would say YES!!!!!!

by, Thelma Harcum

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