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A New Year For A New Beginning

Hello Readers,

How do you plan to make this the best year ever?  Are you ready for a change in your life?

Many people never think about just what they want to do with the rest of their lives, but in the life we live,  it changes whether we like it or not.  We tend to be more reactive instead of proactive.

For an instance, climate change.  Are you prepared for emergencies if they happen to occur?   Do you plan to add time in your life for yourself each day?  Do you

plan to save more money  or to cut down on something?

What have you always wanted to do in life but never had the time or money to do so?

Well,  it’s never too late to do many of the things you’ve always dreamed about.

By making a plan, you can focus on one or two things at a time and execute them into your schedule.  If you think you don’t have time,  just make time. It is your life.

Journaling have always been one of  my practice to keep up with what is important to me.  Keeping notes on what you  have done in your day can alleviate anxiety in your life. Even if you skip a few days, you know that to have started the journaling process, you are on your way to having that relationship with “you” to have some control of your path to change.

So, you can make journaling a part of your routine and pick the best time to do so.

I believe the best time is when you have settled down in the evening or morning if you are a night shift worker and write down your accomplishments and plans for tomorrow.

You will find that you will get more done and move forward to having a joyous life.

Things don’t really stay the same.   Even when you are not where you want to be,  you can be hopeful for a change by doing what it takes to feel more secure in your life.

You can make great changes in your life by doing something that move you forward.

Thinking more positive is  a start to a fuller life as well as deciding what exactly you want out of life.  You “can” make the changes today  for a better tomorrow.

by Thelma Harcum



Women Special Interest Ebook

Hello Friends and Associates,

Hello Ladies,  This one is for you!

Knowledge is Power!  Check out the list of special interest subject  ebooks  that could be of interest to you .  Below are links to subjects that c

ould interest most women and men too.

Thank you for visiting this page and website. I hope you enjoy many of the titles and that they will enhance your life in a special way. Knowledge is POWER!

I am an affiliate of this program.  Any purchases will help keep this site active.

Thank you, again!

Thelma Harcum

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How to Deal With Seasonal Pollen Allergies

Pollen Allergies

It look like the pollen season is here and if you are affected with this type of allergy, you can be prepared and get through this period. 

Some of the signs and symptoms of allergy to pollen are sneezing,  wheezing, redden eyes,  itchy, watery eyes, ,nasal congestions, runny nose  coughing, swollen lips, hives  and more.

One, you can take your allergy medication before you go out or if you open your windows. 

Always take your medications with you and follow directions.

Find out from your weather report what the pollen is. If it has rained, likely the pollen count will be down and so you might not have to take the medications around the clock. If it is windy outside, be sure the pollen is more saturated in the air.

You can open your windows early in the morning to let in the fresh air and be sure to close them after an hour and before you leave the house,  if it is early in the morning or late evening. 

Being exposed to some pollen can build up your tolerance to  symptoms of pollen allergy I believe. I notice that the symptoms of my own allergy to pollen is lessen each year.


Clean your car of any pollen residue.  Pollen can easily get into your car as you enter and exit. 

If you work outside and you know someone in your family is allergic  to pollen make sure your separate your clothes from regular wash. 

If your indoor dog or other pets go outside,  you might  shower or bath them before they  enter the house.   You can also use a blow dryer set on cool to remove some of the pollen.

Wear a mask if you are supper sensitive to pollen.

Always consult your doctor before taking over the counter medications and do visit an allergists to get the best treatment and information concerning your allergies.

Dust frequently your home and car dashboard where pollen residue can rest.

Take your shoes off at the door and place them in a plastic bag and even leave them outside.  You can place slippers by the door to wear when in the house.

Rake and sweep Pollen from your door. Wear a mask when doing so. You can waterhose down some areas of your home patio to remove the pollen.

If working on your lawn, wash your work clothes right away or place them into a plastic bag and into an area where traffic is not heavy in your home.

Don’t let the pollen allergy stop you for living a normal life. If you plan ahead, you can get through this season without all of the symptoms of allergy discomfort and breath with ease.  You can even take a walk in the park and enjoy nature.

Always consult your doctor before taking over-the-counter medications and let him/her know if you are taking them or before you take them. Many medication are contraindicated when taking other medications.  Your primary doctor will write a consultation with an allergists when symptoms are not improved.

Write down what works for you.  if you are allergic to any medication, always mention this to your doctor so that it will be on your medical record.

Have the best day and make every season, your best by being prepared and  active in  your well-being.

To learn more about how to deal with your pollen allergy, check out this link.
by Thelma Harcum


Petition for Universal Health Insurance in USA

Health care is important to everyone. Affordable health insurance is not really on the platform for many people still.
High deductible, high premiums, and just no funds for even the basis is not affordable health insurance. There are many great nations who do offer universal health insurance. Countries like England, France, Canada and a host of other countries.
Why, in this world do a country like the USA DON’T offer Universal Health Care Insurance for all people.
I need your email address and name to send to Senators and Representatives to push forward this people’s agenda.
Let’s do this now!

My newest project! Urgency of the NOW!

*somewhere on this site should be a place for sign up for this petition. You can sign in with your name and/or email address here under comments or on contact forms on this site.

Thank you for your support!

Thelma Harcum
(Being a nurse, this is a more important cause I can understand and feel passionate about.)

**You can support these efforts with your donations of whatever amount you want. $1.00 and up to:

Funds will be used for time Spent getting signatures on the street and online, recruiting volunteers, stamps and whatever else it takes to move this agenda forward.

any questions, contact me at


Way Before Memory Loss, This Is The Earliest Sign Of Alzheimer’s

Memory loss and cognitive decline are commonly thought to be the earliest signs of the disorder, but a new study has found declines in glucose levels in the brain come even sooner. Even better? The same team also believes they have figured out a way to stop these levels from falling in the first place, a… Continue reading Way Before Memory Loss, This Is The Earliest Sign Of Alzheimer’s