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Meat substitutes in Europe have grown by 451% in the past four years

Europeans are reportedly enjoying legumes more and more, and are increasingly looking for alternatives to meat. A display of legumes. Image credits: CSIRO. The most common legumes include alfalfa, clover, peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, lupin bean, mesquite, carob, soybeans, peanuts and tamarind. A new report carried out by researchers working in the TRansition paths to sUstainable… Continue reading Meat substitutes in Europe have grown by 451% in the past four years

Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays. Stand Up to


Hello All and Thank you for a great year.

I truly wish you and your family the best year coming and for all times.

I am optimistic about the America I know that will stand strong to aggressive forces that try to take away what America really stands for.


In the world of global change, weather change and people who have the right to change whatever they can do for the better of all mankind, we can stand together.

Bottom line, we are global and with that said, God the creator has the last word  and action for change for the good of earth.

So much was put here for our survival to live on and enjoy by the A supreme being that no political force can overrule and take ownership of.

Again, let your conscious  be your guide

2018 the year  of  action.

by Thelma Harcum


Couple Who Gambled On Bitcoin in 2012 Donates All of Their Gains to Cancer Research

With prices soaring into five-digit figures, “bitcoin” has been garnering a lot of media attention in the last few months – and a lot of people did not even know it existed. This couple, however, was willing to invest in the innovative cryptocurrency when it was selling for $800 a pop in 2012. Five years later,… Continue reading Couple Who Gambled On Bitcoin in 2012 Donates All of Their Gains to Cancer Research

Interpreting Your Dreams

AdinaVoicu / Pixabay


Have you ever wonder what your dream men How often do you dream?
Experts say that dreams could be what is occurring in your present life that have an impact on how you strongly feel at present.

Interpreting dreams have always been a mystery to me and I’m sure there are many people and books that can help you.

I thought this might be a subject that could interest you as I had the weirdest dream last week that I would love to have someone interpret for me.   It was so unusual and beautiful at the same time, but real!  I will speak more about that dream as I will ask someone in the theological world about that dream!

Have you ever wondered why we dream in the first place. Is dreaming helpful in one’s life or could it just be that mystery that occurs to add excitement to your life.

We, as humans are a mystery as it is and with  complexity of personalities and thoughts.

I have heard of some people having a dream one night and the next night have a continuation of the same dream.
What about the people who have the same dream, over and over again.

Should you ignore your dreams, or should you take the time and  analyze what they mean and learn from it.  Could constant dreaming making you sleep deprived?    Now that could be a health issue.  Do your dreams wake you up in the middle of the night? Are dreams so frequent that you should seek medical?  Chime in to this very interesting subject and learn more about dreams.

I would like to do more research of the dream phenomenon.

Leave your comment about this subject and let’s have fun and talk about DREAMS!

Do come back to more about your dreams and what the interpretation of your dreams could be.Webmaster Spelling Notifications

Let’s Talk.  The next articles up will be about this subject.

Meanwhile,  happy dreaming!

by, Thelma Harcum


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